Truckin’ Great Pizza

In the corner of an otherwise deserted parking lot in Edison, New Jersey, a group of cars is clustered around the blue-and-white Lombardi Pizza Co.truck. Smoke billows from its chimney. At its side people shuffle about, arms crossed or hands in pockets, waiting. Every couple of minutes a pizza box or two appears on the service-window ledge. Some […]

Make Your Food Truck A Social Experience

Consider this an insider’s warm-weather, lunch-time survival tip for residents of the South and North campuses: Find that truck with the blaring, white “Little Blue” and the giant gray spatula on a bright-blue background, and listen for the loud music on its SiriusXM radio. If it’s a good day — and that depends as much […]

Delicious Foods Straight To The Customer

Taking your product to the customer has always been our goal ever since William Sikora Sr. started the company. Today, still run by family, it’s still our goal and no one does it better than Custom. Being able to take your product to places never before can really expand your business. Food trucks are seen […]

Bring Pretzels To The Party!

Displays of soft pretzels—more than likely sourced from Philly Pretzel Factory—are hardly an uncommon sight at weddings around these parts. You’ve probably even given a little internal jump for joy yourself when you’ve stumbled off the dance floor at a friend’s celebration to find trays of them, warm and beckoning hours after the reception dinner has […]


WHERE TO BUY? You have your mobile food business concept, you have ordered your mobile food equipment from us at Custom Mobile Food Equipment, now where do you go to source your ingredients? We want your mobile food business to be as successful as you do. Here are some tips on how and where to […]


WE HAVE OPTIONS… You want to run a mobile food business, but funds are limited. What are your options? At Custom Mobile Food Equipment, we can take your dreams of owning a mobile food business beyond the typical food truck, and turn them into a reality with our variety of custom made mobile food solutions. […]


ALWAYS DOING THE RIGHT THING At Custom Mobile Food Equipment, our tradition is “Always do the right thing.” This rich tradition not only holds true when dealing with our customers, but also in the way we admire our skillful employees. When the company was started back in 1952, our founder Bill Sikora provided numerous jobs […]


REJOICE!      Times are changing…and in the right direction for food truck owners and for food truck manufacturers, like us, at Custom Mobile Food Equipment. In the past few months, several cities have changed or proposed changes to relax their current ordinances related to food truck businesses. The food truck trend is ever-growing and is […]


DISNEY SPRINGS “Dreams really do come true”…food truck dreams in Walt Disney World, that is. The food truck craze has hit the scene at one of the most magical places on earth. Visit the West Side of Disney Springs in Exposition Park, and you can now indulge your appetite in a number of food trucks […]

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