The Profit Gives His Thoughts

If there is one man you want to trust to help build or save your business, it’s The Profit. On CNBC’s “The Profit”, Marcus Lemonis lends his expertise to struggling businesses in various industries across the country while using his famous People/Process/Product principle.

There is no secret as to why self-made millionaire and serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis continues to make his mark on the business world. He leaves not just an impression, but an imprint on everyone he meets, and Lemonis has that charisma, if you will, that few possess. When he says something, you should listen.

On a recent episode, Marcus hops into one of our food trucks and gives his thoughts on it. Was it a good business decision? Watch and find out!

Knight Wagon Feeds Rutgers

The food truck craze  has found its way to Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, in New Brunswick. University dining services will soon unveil its own food truck, the Knight Wagon, with a menu that is more gastropub than greasy spoon. Students will be able to grab a “twisted gyro burger” (ground lamb stuffed […]

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