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Meet Big Blue, University of Buffalo’s 1st Food Truck


With food trucks prospering as legitimate local food options in Western New York, it was a matter of time before the trend extended to the area’s biggest university.


Big Blue is no hastily constructed food truck — Campus Dining’s executive director, Jeff Brady, and his colleagues visited more than 140 food trucks in the Northeast for insight into owning and operating a food truck, then designed and executed the mobile-food vehicle with the aid of focus groups comprising UB students, faculty and staff. Custom Mobile Food Equipment, the country’s largest manufacturer of food equipment built the beautiful unit from the ground up.

Previously, independent Buffalo food trucks occasionally served lunch at local colleges — one of the more aggressive attempts was Lloyd Taco Trucks dedicating a truck from its fleet to Buffalo State College while school was in session.

If Big Blue is a roaring success, a smaller truck called Baby Blue will follow in its tire-tracks.

In the meantime, if you see a massive blue truck lumbering down Main Street, honk at the behemoth that’s reshaping the image of local campus dining.

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