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Custom & Sweet Pea Brings Ice Cream To A New Generation

Sweet Pea is hard to miss. They have these really cool electric ice cream trucks.

I admired one for the first time at the Collingswood May Fair, and the next morning it was parked in front of my house.

I thought it had followed me home, but it turns out it was because one of the company’s employees, Bill Bunting, has a Dad who also happens to be my neighbor. Small world, cool ice cream concept. Sweet Pea ice cream promises “fresh 14 percent buttermilk, fresh fruits and premium additions.”

You can find them in Cherry Hill, Haddonfield and Moorestown, too. Franchisees take the trucks all the way to Texas and Florida.

The trucks are built in Hammonton at Custom Sales and Service Inc., one of the country’s premiere food truck manufacturers.

Vince is especially excited about the 2015 fleet, which “are the only 100 percent electric ice cream trucks in the country, as far as I know.”

“We’re always looking for the next way we can make them better. Solar panels? We keep working together with them. They are really great people.”

Those trucks are a “magnet,” Marinelli said.


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