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Bring Pretzels To The Party!

Displays of soft pretzels—more than likely sourced from Philly Pretzel Factory—are hardly an uncommon sight at weddings around these parts. You’ve probably even given a little internal jump for joy yourself when you’ve stumbled off the dance floor at a friend’s celebration to find trays of them, warm and beckoning hours after the reception dinner has been served.

If you were considering offering your guests the same treat/relief at your celebration, you should know that there is now a new way to get our city’s signature treat into your guests’s hungry little hands: Philly Pretzel Factory’s new food truck!

Here’s the deal:

  • From experience, the PPF team has determined that one hour seems to be the right block of time for filling your guests with as many pretzels as they need to soak up the celebratory champagne they’ve been enjoying at your wedding.
  • Good news: It’s a flat fee of $500 for an unlimited supply of pretzel twists, and because the goods actually get baked on the truck, there will be no running out.
  • You can have the truck show up whenever you want: They’ve had some couples surprise their guests at the end of the party, while others have opted to give their guests a treat during the time between the ceremony and reception.
  • As of now, they’ve only got one concession truck, so if you want this, best to call as soon as you guys decide you want this and get your date locked down. You can book it by calling company headquarters at 215-338-4606.

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