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Beyond The Food Truck


You want to run a mobile food business, but funds are limited. What are your options? At Custom Mobile Food Equipment, we can take your dreams of owning a mobile food business beyond the typical food truck, and turn them into a reality with our variety of custom made mobile food solutions.


Food kiosks are not only mobile, but they can be temporary booths or stands you can use to prepare and sell food. Ice cream, coffee, and hot dogs are our most popular type of custom made kiosks…however, the possibilities are endless.

Lower overhead and flexibility of use, have made food type kiosks grow in popularity.


This type of mobile food business has been around for a long time and is a multi billion-dollar industry. The food is either prepared in advance or is purchased from a ready-made vendor. It can be as simple as hot dogs and ice cream bars. Food carts are much easier to maintain and the licensing requirements are minimal compared to a food truck.


Mobile catering can easily be done by transforming a truck into a catering service. Mobile catering is typically warranted for a special event in which the client chooses the menu. Risk of loss tends to be lower when owning a mobile catering service, because the quantity is typically pre-ordered by the client.


If you have ever gone to a fair or carnival, odds are you have spotted a concession trailer. These are typically hitched and can be parked in one location for a while. Most concession trailers have on-site cooking and vending capacity.

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